11. října 2008

Palestinský pohled na Perese

Chalid Amajre:
"Besides, its is crystal clear that Peres is being scandalously inconsistent as to whether “anti-democratic” groups ought to be allowed to take part in elections.

He should be reminded, in case he has forgotten, that several Israeli political factions and parties contending elections happen to be full-fledged terrorist groups that openly call for the expulsion, enslavement or extermination of non-Jews in Palestine-Israel. So why aren’t these groups barred from participating in the Israeli elections?

How about the manifestly fascist MIFDAl (the National Religious Party) which openly calls for deporting all Palestinians to Jordan and other Arab states? How about the National Union, the quasi-Nazi party whose leaders advocate disenfranchising non-Jews and carpet-bombing Palestinian population centers? How about Mikhail Kleiner’s party which considers Jordan “the eastern part of Israel.” How about Israeli Knesset members, like Aryeh Eldad, who openly claim that non-Jews are not really fully human beings? How about these numerous rabbis from Merkaz Harav (the Talmudic College in Jerusalem) who teach their students that in time of war, non-Jewish children and civilians may be slaughtered en mass?"

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