27. ledna 2010

Kant a thomisté

Richard Williamson poskytl rozhovor v bravurní francouzštině (pro nefrankofonní je tam i anglický přepis) a odpověděl na mnoho otázek. Vyjímám:

Panet: How do you argue that one can intellectually conceive God but not feel his profound existence? It’s my body. Intellectually I can conceive God.

Williamson: Religion is not a question of feeling. It’s a question of intelligence and will. You have just said that your intelligence can conceive God, therefore your intelligence is the most important part. The feelings/emotions will follow at the end. You are perfectly entitled to say: ‘Lord I do not feel you in anything. I understand with my intelligence that you exist and that you are listening and I pray to you, without feeling it, but I pray.’

Panet: What about “numen” and “phenomenon”?

Williamson: The distinction that Kant makes is very dangerous because he concludes that we can only know appearances. Beyond that we cannot know anything. It’s the destruction of reason, theology, the destruction of knowledge and the destruction of the human spirit. And that is the disaster that surrounds us the whole world over. Kant: he’s a criminal of the first order. A criminal.