14. prosince 2007

Nový antisemitism II

Tariq Ali o něm prohlásil: "The campaign against the supposed new 'anti-semitism' in Europe today is basicly a cynical ploy on the part of the Israeli Government to seal off the Zionist state from any criticism of its regular and consistent brutality against the Palestinians . . . The fact is that Israel is not a weak, defenceless state. It is the strongest state in the region. It possesses real, not imaginary, weapons of mass destruction. It possesses more tanks and bomber jets and pilots than the rest of the Arab world put together. To say that the Zionist state is threatened by any Arab country is pure demagogy."

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  1. Další argument, který mě pobavil:

    "Palestinians are, in most cases, descended from the old Hebrew tribes and genetic science has recently confirmed this, much to the annoyance of Zionists."

    Co budou říkat sionističtí Židé s jejich odvěkým právem na Eretz Jisreel, až genetická věda dokáže u většiny momentálních israelských Židů, že jsou potomky slovansko-chazarsko-tatarsko-německými?? :-D