5. května 2006

Story of user RickK

An anonymous has posted me this sad story:

Indeed, personal attacks, no matter where they're made, deter users and in many cases drive valuable contributors out, sometimes permanently. Take User:RickK, for instance. He was a well-respected administrator here who made over 37 000 edits over several years. However, in mid-2005, he absorbed many personal attacks and other "unfriendly" comments, both on his user talk page and on the Wikien mailing list, which caused him to announce his departure in June. He then moved to the Simple English Wikipedia a month later, where some users urged him to return to the regular English Wikipedia. He refused, reiterating the unfriendly comments that forced him out. Of the users you listed in your blog, at least one (TML1988) has already announced a long-term break from the English Wikipedia, and more could follow if they discover your entry. The result would be a mass departure of critical editors (even the ones you listed have made plenty of fine edits) and a weakened online community. If you want Wikipedia to thrive for years to come, I urge you to delete any personal attacks against other Wikipedians anywhere (not just on Wikipedia), seek forgiveness (I'm sure most editors will forgive you if you sincerely apologize to them for past wrongdoings) and apologize to them if they've been offended. If necessary, take a break from Wikipedia and come back when you feel you've "cooled down" enough to treat everyone with respect and dignity. 07:28, 4 May 2006 (UTC)

What to add? I was the same victim of harrasment on cs:. I asked many times for remedy on Meta. To no avail. Recently I asked remedy from Board of Directors. To no avail. That's why I set up this blog. To criticise molesters on Wikipedia. To my surprise I found out that Wikipedia is rotten as a whole.

Zdá se, že toho správce není žádná škoda.


4 komentáře:

  1. Proboha Petersi vy mate dneska zachvat.

  2. Je to rozloučení s Wikipedií, tak mi to přejte.

  3. Ja Vam to preji, ale dnes jste toho naskrabal vic nez nadrzeny kocour. Cini to tu stranku dost neprehlednou.

    BTW ten system me furt vykopava a ja se temer pri kazdem prispevku musim logovat znova, nevite co s tim?

  4. Nemusíte. Dáte preview a pak publish this comment.


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