5. června 2006

Pomoc obětem wikipedie

Pokud se wikipedická klika usnese, že můžete být beztrestně obětí její nenávisti a pomluv, nezoufejte. Je zde řešení. Zachovejte se jako Alan Dershowitz.
"Dershowitz is a highly controversial lawyer, famous for getting into scrapes with other high-profile types. That's fairly common knowledge: few of us would not have seen his face in the paper at one time or another.

But Wikipedia thinks he's just another lawyer. Dershowitz didn't like his Wikipedia article. If you don't like what the wiki says about you, there are two roads to fixing it. First you can try editing the article. You'll generally be heavily abused by Wikithugs, who will chant weird invocations like WP:AUTO at you and expect you to understand that that means they believe they have a licence to treat you like shit if you have the temerity to work on your own biography. Then, if you are a high-powered lawyer, or know one, you can try the second route. Give Jimmy a call and use the magic words.

...the magic words are "legal action". But take care. Don't mention them on the wiki, or a Wikithug will banish you for "making a legal threat". Make your legal threats to Jimbo directly."
Zdroj: Wikitruth

Jiná možnost je napsat výstižný dopis, jako to udělal Jack Thompson:

Dear Board Members of Wikipedia Foundation:

I contacted the Foundation at 727-231-0101, asking for your fax number, and the person who answered the phone refused to give it to me because I indicated this pertained to a legal matter. This arrogance helps explain some of your problems.

You have at your www.wikipedia.org a number of false, defamatory, and actionable statements about me. As an aside, you all don't even have my date and year of birth correct, and it goes downhill from there.

I am hereby demanding that you give me the real names, addresses, and phone numbers, and any other verifying information, regarding anyone who has posted anything about me at Wikipedia, as they will be defendants. You have thirty days to comply with this demand. The Seigenthaler experience shows that you must provide me this information.

Secondly, I demand that your people contact me immediately so that we together can verify what is true and what is not true at your site. No one in her or her right mind does what you all do--passing off as "fact" certain anonymous allegations on your web site that no one has vetted in any reasonable fashion. When I tried to correct some of them recently, Wikipedia removed my corrections treating them as "vandalism."" The person who delighted in telling me that is the head of "Wikipedian Atheists." What a surprise. You have twenty days to comply with this demand.

Thirdly, if you all do not do the above, then I shall give you notice pursuant to Florida's libel statutes, since we both live in this lovely state, that you have under Florida law the requisite time to correct, apologize for, and retract the false and defamatory statements about me, as I will then give you notice of my intent to bring a civil action against Wikipedia and its posters for the publishing of false and defamatory information.

I can tell you that I have demonstrably suffered compensable harm for the reckless running of your fake encyclopedia at your site.

Zdroj: Wikitruth

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